Welcome to My Ballet Valet, your personal assistant on your ballet journey.

Ballet, both classical and contemporary, is an expressive, passionate and rigorous pursuit. Like the art-form itself, following a career in ballet is physically and emotionally challenging and demands unwavering dedication.

Frequently, vocational ballet training requires a young dancer to move far away from home and their support networks. Ballet students, their families, coaches and supporters are often required to make difficult decisions on a range of issues that impact all aspects of life.

My Ballet Valet is an unparalleled resource for ballet students, their parents, guardians, ballet teachers, coaches and schools. We provide relevant and useful information and the opportunity to share experiences. By working together, we believe we can make a positive impact on the development, progress and achievement of young, aspiring professional ballet dancers, helping them to reach their full potential. 

Furthermore, My Ballet Valet is Australia’s central portal for the uploading and distribution of dancer profiles, photographs, videos, audition materials and competition applications for both the global ballet community.